Sunday, 21 September 2008

a turkey sausage

I was driving home from downtown Raleigh earlier tonight, and I passed a Denny's. Normally, I wouldn't have been phased by a Denny's....passing one is a fairly unimportant, uninteresting event. However, the sign outside the Denny's was advertising something I found quite unusual. It read... "We have a turkey sausage." Now, I guess the type of person who likes a turkey burger, would also be interested in eating a turkey sausage. However, I didn't realize that turkey sausages were such a sought after item, that one would advertise specifically for them. Did the restaurant get busier once people knew that they had turkey sausages??

I would stop here, but I also have to point out that the sign specifically read, that they had a turkey sausage. I can't imagine the swarms of people who must be turning hard into the Denny's parking lot to take a crack at getting that last turkey sausage. I mean, people are probably calling their loved ones proclaiming the gravity of this event...

"There's only one left!"
"One what???"
"One Turkey Sausage!!"
"NOOOO! Do you think you have a chance at it????"
"I don't know! I'm pulling a u-turn at the next light and getting there as soon as I can!"
"Hurry honey!! HURRY!!!"....

(calls back 5 minutes later)

"Hey! False alarm....turns out it was a typo....they don't only have one left."
"Oh my gosh...they really need to get that fixed! Did you complain??"
"Oh don't worry, I gave them a piece of my mind.....a real piece of my mind!!!.....well, do you need anything from harris teeter?? I'm gonna stop by on the way home."
"No, I think I'm good.....oh actually, could you get a little more cheese??? extra sharp cheddar would be great."
"No problem."