Wednesday, 16 September 2009

shopping carts

I was thinking that we should start using shopping carts as a form of transportation. Just hop on into one, and ride it around. You could even throw a bunch of pillows in to make it comfortable. It would be so much fun!

" Wait, so people would have to push you around all the time, right?"

- No silly! Who would want to do that? You would just run along, hop in, and coast down the hill, with the wind in your hair....

"How would you go back up the hill?"

- Well we would have to build shopping cart lifts, of course...cuz it wouldn't be very fun to walk back up the hill without one..."

"So, essentially, your idea for a new form of transportation, really only works if you are on a hill..."

- Well...yeah, I guess. But hills are somewhere that wasn't on top of a hill!

"My house isn't on top of a hill...I guess I couldn't go anywhere in a shopping cart."

- Hmm...that's unfortunate for you. You will just have to find an alternate form of transportation.

"Shopping carts are not a form of transportation."

- Well not for you they're not. You don't even live on a hill.