Monday, 29 September 2008

question here's a question for you:

If a group of aliens came down to earth, and asked you to come with them right away to their planet for five years without being able to tell anyone that you were going...would you go?

Before you are some specific details about the opportunity:

1. They are taking around 10,000 people from all over the world with them, so you wouldn't be alone on their planet.
2. The aliens are strange looking, but for the most part, resemble a person in that they have a head, two arms and two legs...eyes and a mouth...etc. But we'll say they are blue, have really big eyes, and don't have any hair.
3. The aliens are peaceful, and very friendly. They have to take your blood once a month, but it is only to study it. There are not any ulterior motives.
4. You will be well taken care of- a place to stay, food, etc.
5. Their civilization is very advanced technologically, and they show you some pictures of their planet, and it looks really beautiful, with crazy, modern looking buildings, gigantic trees, mountains, and waterfalls, etc...
6. They will return you punctually in five years.

If you think you would do it, would you do it for ten years? or fifteen years??

My answer to five years would be yes. I would only be 28 when I came home, and I would have had a crazy experience where I probly would learn so much.

I would maybe do 10. I don't know about 15 years though.


Matt said...

Only 5.

Brad said...

Question: are the aliens, in fact, the blue man group?

..and I the password I have to type is "fhezs." Also, could you blog on the meaning of the handicap icon next to the box I have to type "fhezs" in?