Wednesday, 17 September 2008

my recent attempt at a medical study

So yesterday, I checked into a medical study where I would be taking a Morphine pill, and then they would take my blood a bunch of times. In total I would be staying at the lab for 2 nights and 2 days this week, then 2 nights and 2 days next week. Then, when it's all over, they give me a check for $1000. I wasn't too excited about the confinement periods, but could I could use the money, so I was excited about that aspect of it.

Everything started out well. I checked in, and switched the number on my bed with a different number, so I had a better bunk (a bottom bunk next to a power outlet). We then took a pill that was going to lessen the effects of the morphine for the following day. This pill had effects of its own though, and I found it extremely difficult to sleep. However, this could also be partly because I was sleeping in a strange place, and in the same room as twenty men who use these medical studies as their primary source of income.

One of the men decided that it would be normal to speak to his girlfriend long into the night on topics that were fairly personal, and sexual in nature. I remembered from earlier, that he looked around 35, and that he had attended university, at the highly acclaimed institution, SCU. From reading the back of his shirt...I learned that this stood for, Stone Cold University, which is referring to Stone Cold Steve Austin, a professional wrestler. One tidbit I remember from the conversation was a bit strange. The GF was obviously unhappy that he was attending this study, and somehow, the conversation shifted to her bra (sorry about this...). Anyways, he explains that part of the reason he is doing the study is so he can buy her new bras. I'm not really sure how to address this part of the conversation. But this gives you an indication of what I was hearing most of the night.

Theoretically, I should still be there right now, listening to the strange man talking to his girlfriend at a bunk nearby. However, I had a bad response to the Morphine this morning, and threw up. They were therefore forced to send me home, cuz my data wouldn't be valid.....So there you go. No $1000 for me. I think I'll get a check for like $150 or something. Oh well.