Saturday, 7 February 2009

laughing too long

It really annoys me when I'm listening to a speaker at an event, and someone in the audience laughs for too long at one of his jokes. The individual usually has kind of an irritating, or unique laugh when this occurs. The reason this bothers me, is because then half the audience starts laughing again at the person's extra-long laugh, then the speaker has to wait, and his flow is completely messed up. Last time this happened, I got really annoyed, and confronted the situation.

Me: (whispering) Hey man, why did you have to laugh so long at that joke??
Him: What are you talking about? I just thought it was funny. What was I supposed to do?
Me: End your laugh at the same time as everyone else, and not make a scene. Now the speaker has to re-engage the audience.
Him: I'll re-engage you if you don't shut up!
Me: What does that even mean?
Guy next to me: Calm down man...
Me: I am calm, I just felt like the situation needed to be confronted.
Guy: You always do this! Make little things into really big events.
Me: What do you mean, always do this? I've never met you before!
Guy: Haven't you?? Christopher Robbins Elementary, Ms. Roberts' second grade class. Ring a bell??
Me: ....nope....I didn't go to that school.
Guy to the other side of me: Come on, you're Julian Burton right?
Me: What? yea, I am, but I didn't go Christopher Robbins Elementary.
Second Guy: Yeah I know, I'm just messing with you.
Me: How did you know my name?
Second Guy: What are you talking about?
Me: You just said my name!
Second Guy: What, Christopher Robbins?
Me: Huh? NO! you said my name was Julian Burton, Christopher Robbins is the school you were talking about.
Second Guy: I'm confused...You did go to Christopher Robbins??
Me: Oh my gosh...

I'm not really sure what happened there.