Monday, 25 August 2008

paying for work

Unfortunately, I spend a decent amount of time right now waiting tables at a restaurant in Raleigh called the Twisted Fork. This morning, I woke up for work, and threw my black shirt and apron in the dryer to fluff them a bit before I left. When I went to retrieve them, I found them covered in yellow splotches. Unfortunately there had been a yellow crayon in my apron from the restaurant, and it had melted in the dryer and splattered everywhere. I didn't have a replacement at my disposal, so I had to head to work without my shirt, and hope to be able to obtain a new one upon my arrival. Naturally, I had to purchase a new shirt for the lofty price of $17.

Now, the restaurant business has been particularly slow in general due to the state of the economy. However, it doesn't get much slower than a Monday lunch shift. Today was slow even for a Monday lunch, and I only made $15 off of my tables.

So...all in all...I paid 2 dollars to go to work today. I'm gonna be honest...that's not the best feeling in the world.