Sunday, 24 August 2008

water man

I was at the beach a little while ago, and I realized how much I loved just going for walks along the water's edge. It is so comforting to have that thin layer of water rushing back and forth over my feet as I venture along in deep thought. I like it so much, that I think it would be cool if all the sidewalks in the world had a thin layer of water on them, and we could walk around barefoot. Of course this idea, having a multitude of problems, could probably never happen. I would say I'm 82% sure that it could never happen. However, I wouldn't mind settling for having a thin layer of water all throughout my house. Just kind of rushing around from little jets, escaping into vents, and cascading down the stairs. People would come into my house and ask...
"Should I take my shoes off??"
I would answer..."I think that would probably be a good idea!!! HAHA!"
Then they would look around, and say..."Oh...haha, I get it! You have a thin layer of water everywhere! How comforting for a person's feet!"
I would be the most popular guy in town...they would call me "the water man"...
"Julian, couldn't you think of a better name?"

Anyways...this is just a little dream I have. I'm about 53% sure that it probably won't ever happen. But hey, you can't fault a guy for dreaming.