Thursday, 29 May 2008

Worst Feeling

I really enjoy making sandwiches. They are such a dependable, and tasty item to eat. Sometimes I get really excited about making a sandwich, and decide to really put the time in to make it a truly wonderful sandwich. I decided to do that tonight. I toasted the bread just right...cut the extra sharp cheddar cheese into nice thick, even slices...I cut the tomato, the onion, and ripped off some fresh lettuce leaves...I even put on a couple of cucumber slices. The turkey was already prepared and sliced from the deli, so that wasn't too tricky...but I had to decide between the mustard, and the mayo. What would go better with this particular combination? my thoughts landed on mayo, and it seemed like the perfect choice to complete the sandwich. It was pretty much I just had to pour myself a drink, and head upstairs to continue watching my film, with this beautiful creation at my disposal.

I literally take one step forward, and the sandwich slides off my plate and destroys itself against the kitchen floor. It was ruined.

Now, there are tons of horrible things in this world. Things that can make us sad and angry, to degrees that make those emotions hard to overcome. However, for about one, tiny, split second... that feeling of losing a perfect sandwich, is right up there with the worst feelings. Just for a second though...obviously it's easy to get over, and it's not a big deal at all in the long run. But man...for that one second...where you see it splattered all over the ground, you realize you can't eat it, you realize you have to remake a sandwich if you do want to eat, and you realize that you also have to clean all of it up...that sure is a nasty feeling.


Matt said...

Your sandwich committed suicide? Crazy...