Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Time Travel

I just finished my first post about 30 seconds ago, and I thought I would go ahead and get the ball rolling with another post. As you may have seen, the title of this post is "time travel". Basically, I just wanted to share some revelations I had earlier this year...or maybe last year, about time travel.

Unfortunately, if my theory holds true (I'm open to other opinions on the matter), it's unlikely that anyone will ever discover time travel. I say this, because theoretically, if anyone discovers time travel in the future, they would have already come back in time and told us. For example, they would have traveled back to 1962 and been like..."Hey, I'm from the future!" This event would be in our past, and so we would know about it in our present. Actually, we probly would have people coming to visit us from the future all the time. I guess that would also mean we could jump in their machine with them and travel to the future, or the past. It would just be time traveling chaos. When you met people, you would have to ask them where they were from, and from what century. When you traveled, you could decide where you wanted to go, and which time period you wanted to go to. I think it would get a bit ridiculous. But I haven't seen any evidence that that is going on, so I feel like it's safe to say that if time travel exists, it's a pretty controlled activity.

Therefore it is possible that someone discovers time travel in the future, and that people do travel through time, but keep it a secret. However, I feel that someone would eventually probly steal a time machine and come back without keeping it a secret. I guess it's possible that people just wouldn't travel back in time even if it did exist, cuz they wouldn't want to mess things up. We've all seen the butterfly effect. Or maybe, there would be rules to follow, and you would have to get your license. Im not sure how it would be controlled, because you would change the course of history by interacting with anyone through time travel...but the people in the future would understand it a lot better than me I guess.

Maybe they would have "safe time traveling" classes, and show the butterfly effect to the students. Then someone in the class would probly get all cynical...and whisper to their friend "this couldn't really happen, these classes are a bunch of bull." The teacher would then overhear and say..."excuse me cynical student, this could most certainly happen...and because of that comment, Ill make sure that you never get behind the controls of a time machine!" Then the student would slam his binder down and storm out. The teacher would then feel bad inside...maybe he should have been more patient with him...maybe he should have given him a second would obviously be breaking the rules to go back in time and do that little scene over...I guess he'll just have to let time keep passing, and hope the kid recovers.

Well, if I know that student as well as I think I do, I think he'll be just fine.

"Julian, that last part is made don't know the student."

You may have a point my friend...but I would like to respond by saying...are you sure of what the future holds??

"Well no, but I know you just made all that up."

Which part??

"Like I just said, the part at the end, with the student and the teacher, and you saying that you know the student....that part isn't true."

Well hey, the river never flows where it know??


Goodbye, my friend.


Jon and Laura Hoyle said...

This is a classic Julian story...thanks for writing it...of course the story about the deers and going "heep" was hysterical to me. Thanks,