Friday, 7 August 2009


I hate paying for stamps, so sometimes I just make my own stamps, out of cardboard, glue, glitter, tape, and aluminum. Some people might say that I am not artistic enough to make fake stamps, and that I wouldn't need all of those materials if I was trying to make a stamp. Other people might grab me by the collar and yell in my face, "Julian, do you even know what a stamp is?! Cuz it's outrageous that you think you need all of that stuff to make fake stamps."

I just chuckle to myself, and wait for them to lay their eyes on my stamps. They will be blown away by how shiny, and sturdy they are. "Wow Julian, you really have made some very shiny, and sturdy stamps...I'm sorry for grabbing your collar and yelling in your face."

I will respond..."it's ok my friend...just next time, think before you act....ok???"

I think they understand...