Monday, 11 May 2009

rain forest

I think part of me has always been fascinated with rain forests. All the colors, sounds, and creatures everywhere are truly delightful subjects for thought. This is why I decided to plant a rain forest in my back yard.

I went out and got all the rain forest seeds I could find, and sought out as many rain forest creatures I could get my hands on.

It took a lot of watering and sunlight, but sure enough, a rain forest began to grow in my back yard. After a few months, I had a full grown, back yard, rain forest and I was so happy with the results.

I would spend hours, climbing the trees, jumping in the river, and playing with my favorite rain forest creature, Mr. Antelope.

But the rain forest kept growing and growing, and it started to grow all over, and even inside my house. Soon, I couldn't even find my way out of my room cuz I would get lost and stuck amidst the vines, moss, and branches growing everywhere.

I was getting pretty frustrated with all the vegetation growing everywhere, And to make matters worse, freakin' Mr. Antelope would not leave me alone!

"Come on Julian, Let's go outside and play!" He would say, over and over again...
- "Leave me alone Mr. Antelope! I need some time to need to give me some space...and besides, antelopes aren't even supposed to live in the rain forest..."
"Well where am I supposed to go??"
- "I don't know...find a prairie or a plain to run around in...just get out of this rain forest!"
"Fine, I will..."

And Mr. Antelope left the rain forest, and he never came back.

I felt pretty bad about how we left things...oh well...hopefully he found a nice African plain somewhere...

I got pretty grumpy with all the other animals as well, and soon all of them left, just like Mr. Antelope.

I guess I wasn't supposed to have a rain forest after all...

It's just kind of annoying now though, cuz I still have all these vines and rain forest trees growing all over my house, and I don't know how to get rid of them...

I guess I get what I deserve....

Lesson learned.


Matt said...

Hahahahahaha. I don't even know what else to say.