Wednesday, 15 October 2008

a couple of thoughts

1. I enjoy drinking soda when I'm thirsty, even though a lot of people bring up the fact that soda actually makes you thirstier. But what about this scenario....what if you were in a desert with nothing to drink but sprite? Would it be better to just abstain from drinking, cuz sprite makes you thirstier??? I think not. Surely you would be better off drinking sprite than nothing at all.

2. It seems to be a common fact, that "funner," is not a word in the English language. When someone accidentally lets it slip out, everyone else is quick to jump on them in mockery to embarrass the individual. But my point is, why shouldn't "funner" be a word?? It actually seems more logical for it to be a word then not. Was it breaking one of the original rules in the English language? Were the first English speakers going through adjectives and adverbs and decided funner just wouldn't work?

"Alright, let's keep, smarter, classier, funner,..."
"Bob, wait...that last one...that's not gonna work."
"What, funner?"
"Yeah, that can't be a word. makes more sense to say 'more fun.'"
"Bob, I don't even want to have to explain it to you...funner, just doesn't make sense, ok??"
"Alright, I don't see why...but ok."

I relate to Bob's confusion there. In my opinion, the person saying funner is actually just being more logical than the rest of us.


Matt said...

Funner actually is a word.

Julian Burton said... are right. it is in one dictionary at least. embarassing.